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Thermo-Active Gel is a thermo active slimmng body gel (hot) that contains key ingredients (Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, Centella Asiatica, Fucus Algae, and Silymarin) that generate heat necessary for the mobilization, breakdown, and subsequent elimination of excess fat from the body. The Thermo-Active Gel produces heat, activating the metabolism, and increasing the body’s circulation. This can help areas of the body where there is a greater deposit of fat, and cellulite; hips, thighs, abdomen, arms, back, etc.


The New Cryo-Slim Gel detoxifies the body, returning it to its normal metabolic balance promoting excess fluid draining and breaks down stubborn cellulite, stimulating microcirculation for radiant skin health.  Refines and firms the skin. Good for volume loss in firm legs, this cooling wrap helps reduce the heaviness in legs.
Cryo-Slim Gel improves the general condition of the skin by increasing oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin.  Our Cryo-Slim Gel contains some active ingredients (Menthol & Green Tea) that help to firming the skin and reduce inches.
Frequent Cryo-Slim Gel applications tightens the skin. Some experts even suggest cryotherapy as an anti-cellulite and skin-firming treatment. 
This is a great product for those that lose weight and need to firm your skin. It is also used by many that claim to have saggy skin as a result of aging, weight loss, after liposuction or lipodissolve that quickly removes fat and laves skin the way that it was.
This cool Cryo-Slim Gel, helps to give a firm, toned appearance to the skin and improved elasticity. Ideal for those who have had a significant weight loss. A body polish and light massage are recommended.


The Infrared Body treatment is a natural therapeutic treatment which use Infrared heat energy that is goes through the skin straight to the bone. The treatments have produced outstanding result on the following:

 Fat burning

Weight Loss

Clears Cellulite

Detoxifies your body

Increases Blood Circulation and strengthens the Cardiovascular System

Eases Joint pain and Stiffness

Improves skin ,Reduce Stress and Fatique, improves the Immune System

CAVI-LIPO (Ultrasonic Cavitation)             150.-

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